Digital marketing is rapidly gaining traction as one of the most important tools to grow your business.

But before we can jump into online marketing we have to understand that behind every great business lies a great marketing strategy.

Creating a well thought-out brand strategy has become an integral part of business. This is where we come in, not only do we understand digital marketing, we are also able to do research into your specific industry from a digital standpoint, tailoring a strategy to best suit your company specifically to build an online marketing campaign to get your website more traffic and conversions.

We have tailored our marketing packages to suit your budget as well as the desired focus areas you would like to push more importantly.
​​Google AD Words
Take the lead and convert
Google AdWords can become your best friend when it comes to generating leads and driving conversions.

When campaigns are managed in a proper manner, it has the potential to send a lot of traffic to your website. Thus, it has the power to generate many targeted leads.

What Google AdWords does so well is that it allows you to solely focus your marketing efforts on people who show interest in what you are offering. With Google AdWords, you aren’t spending money on reaching those who aren’t looking for your services.

AdWords allows you to continuously improve and refine your campaigns. Thus, enabling you to more accurately target only those who want to buy your products/services. This ensures that your marketing budget is exclusively used for those who are a lot more likely to be converted into sales.

Flexible and pocket-friendly
Ad Words' flexibility allows a new start-up to a large company to use it. In terms of budget, you can spend as little or much as you want. Although a smaller budget may only achieve limited results, the point is that the power remains in your hands. It works with a pay-per-click model, so you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and visits your website.

How much you pay for a click, depends on how much you are willing to bid per click.
Increased brand visibility
Local is ‘lekker’
Local targeting is a very useful feature that accompanies Google AdWords. You are able to target your adverts to a certain area, which enhances your advert’s effectiveness.  This customisation enables you to hone in on a geographical audience and focus your goals specifically on the needs of that local audience. This customisation increases the chance that the person viewing the advert will click through to your website and potentially be converted to a customer.
Instant website traffic
This could be one of the main reasons why your business should be using Google AdWords. There many techniques to optimise your website for SEO to gain organic traffic, such as link building, on-page optimisation etc. However, all of these techniques don’t guarantee website traffic. With AdWords you are able to increase traffic to your website, which may take a long time to achieve organically.
Don’t lose out
Whether you are a retailer or service provider, you want people to see what you have to offer and there is no better way to make sure that you are seen.
This is why we offer AdWords management services for those who want to advance their online reach and awareness.
Social media has become a powerful marketing tool to reach your consumers. Don’t have the time to manage everything yourself? Not sure how it all fits together? That’s why we are here.
Facebook advertising
Besides being a place to build a customer base and sell products, a Facebook business page can do wonders for helping you build brand loyalty.
Facebook lets you spread the word to Friends of Friends. 
When your target customers see your Facebook posts or ads, their Facebook Friends see them too, multiplying the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing efforts.
Using Facebooks features you can market directly to a target audience that most suits your business and its products.
Unlike Ad Words, you can create visually powerful adverts and promotions and market them according to your budget. This method ensures that your advert runs everyday and reaches a pre-determined audience for the duration of that specific marketing campaign.

Analytics and feedback
We will on a monthly basis measure your results of your website and Facebook marketing, including ads and organic posts. You will receive detailed information about how prospective customers are engaging with your business on Facebook, such as how many likes you got in the week and how that compares to past measures, what type of engagement you received (likes, comments and shares) on posts, and which ads drove traffic to your website or other actions.