Design services
    We create visually appealing and responsive websites that are up to date with all the new web technologies and trends. Our websites work on all platforms such as mobile or tablet devices and have a user-friendly backend that is easy to use. CyberMind Design provides its customers with fast & reliable web hosting. Our packages allow you to host your web content and emails with ease. We will also gladly assist with your domain registration and account setup. Our view on website hosting is to provide you with the best options available for your situation. This allows you to then make an educated decision on the best way forward. We can take you through any queries you have such as website speed, purpose and capacity. It’s important that you understand the basics so the process can progress smoothly from day one. The website design we provide is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has great functionality. The end result is a website that’s clean, minimal and easy for your visitors to understand and navigate. We also adhere to modern design trends explicitly.
    The benefit of using our system is that once your website is live you still have access to any new updates that come along. This means your website can evolve as the industry does without having to do a complete redesign every year. Really appealing websites that are up to date with all the new web technologies and trends. Our websites work on all platforms such as mobile or tablet devices and have a user-friendly back-end that is easy to use. We believe CMS platforms are the future of the website design industry. These platforms are open-source systems. Allowing web design companies the chance to develop powerful themes for the platform. These themes are well coded and fluidly integrate into the CMS platform. The unique aspect of this way of developing is that the market is always competing. The result is cutting edge themes with great support systems and plenty of value added features, giving you awesome value for money!
    Our website hosting comes with multiple layers of security. The servers are placed in a secure data center with 24/7 support. We have installed on-server security modules and also install security software on any websites we develop. Website Uptime Your website will be ready for approval within 72 hours of receiving all related information, images and artwork. Website Loading Times We do our best to keep our servers running fast and lean with minimal downtime. The server speed directly affects website loading times and in most cases dictates the performance of your website.

​​Backup and support

Our monthly support package includes the following:

* Hosting

* Maintenance and management of your website

* A monthly operations meeting entailing an ongoing promotions strategy, analytics reporting and feedback on your website as well as social media platforms.

* Telephonic and online support

​​The process

Your key account manager will consult with you in order to evaluate your:

*Websites specific needs
*Current structure and history of the business.
*Your location and market assessment
*Information and artwork

Once all of the above has been concluded, the process will then continue to the next step. You, the client will provide your key accounts manager with the above information, images and artwork to be used for your website and social media platforms.

Putting it all together
Upon receiving the required information, images and artwork, the design process for your website and social media mediums will take place and be concluded within 72 hours for your approval before going live.